After a long search, we found Gröndal in 1993. We wished to live in the countryside between Stockholm and Uppsala and so that it would be easy to spend time on working and being with our dogs.  

Our home

The name Sea-Croft 

The name of the kennel is a direct translation into English from the Swedish name “Sjötorp”, the home of Birgitta’s mother’s parents in Västergötland, which has always been of a great importance to Birgitta.

Objectives of the kennel

We aim to breed gundogs with an emphasis on natural abilities and trainability. We prefer a ‘truly honest’ dog that has a great gamefinding ability and a strong will to please, a dog that can perform with concentration and do an effective job with a style that is a joy to watch.

She obtained her first own dog in 1972 although the interest was there long before, a time when borrowed dogs were brought to obedience training etc.. Birgitta bought a Flat coated retriever – “Alida” – in 1981 and started in the first cold-game test in 1982. Ever since, Birgitta has been very active in training and shooting within a variety of hunting breeds and shooting forms. The interest for shooting in itself was confirmed by passing the mandatory Swedish certificate for hunters in 1986. The first Labrador from British Field Trial lines – “Tosca” – came to the family in 1991. Breeding activities started with a Flat coated retriever litter out of Alida in 1986, and has thereafter been followed by a small number of Labrador and pointer litters in a small-scaled kennel. Today, training for Field Trials and picking-up at shoots within and outside of Sweden are the main interests, and the usefulness of the dogs under these circumstances is the guide for breeding as well as training. A lot of travelling has led to numerous contacts around Europe


After an introductory period that started 1986 when Folke was working his Wirehaired German Pointer “Tarras” within the areas of working utility dogs and rescue dogs, the interest gradually shifted in  focus to dachshounds and English pointers in 1993. He has a wide-ranging interest in many different types of shooting activities, but above all is grouse shooting over own pointers on the Swedish grouse moors in the north. Folke runs his pointers in field trials whenever time and nerves allow.

Folke, Fly and Flinga

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