Labrador retriever

Harperrig Tweed "Tweed"
Regnr: S-23005/2007, born: 2007-01-13, Breeder: Mrs A. Usher, Kennel Harperrig, Scotland

Tweed has proven to be a very honest dog. He is strong and works with a lot of power. His attentiveness makes him very easy to train. Tweed has a good capacity to focus on his task. It makes it even more pleasant that he always seem to have a good sense of humor.

Hips - A, Elbows - 0/0, Eyes - Clear 05 October 2010, OptiGen prcd-PRA - Normal/Clear, CNM - Clear.

Best result, cold-game test: 2 x Excellent Intermediate. Field Trial: Qualified to run.



FTCh Wingsham Tinder of Smithsteads FTCh Goldcleugs Butler of Shadowbrae Butlersarms Flash
Pranceabout Pippa
Saddleworth Bouncing Boy Saddleworth Quin
Smagill Berry
FTW Harperrig Caroline
FTCh Endacott Soames of Riversway FTCh Glenbriar Solo
F.T.W Endacott Spindle
FTW Craighorn Coll FTCh Aughacastla Sam of Drakeshead
FTCh Lochmuir Bonnie

SJ(j)Ch Sea-Croft May It Be "Nova"
Regnr: SE21142/2010, born: 2010-01-31

Nova is a really nice dog who has blossomed into a very good trial- and working test dog, with a distinct 'on and off button'.

Hips - A, Elbows - 0/0, Eyes - Clear 16 February 2011, OptiGen prcd-PRA - Normal/Clear, CNM - Heridigary Free, SD2 - Free.

Best result, cold-game test: SJ(j)Ch. Field Trial: Cert, Ck.




FTW Couthally Rhum of Harperrig Optigen A, CNM Clear FTW Harperrig Nevis FTCH Endacott Soames of Riversway
FTW Chraighorn Coll
Tintoview Dixie of Couthally INTFTCH Garendon Captain
FTW Tintoview Fay
SJ(j)CH FTW Sea-Croft Enya NORDJCH Tasco Brimstone GBFTCH Lettermore Trout
GBFTCH Stormwatch Spider Of Tasco
SJ(A)CH SJCH INTFTCH Sea-Croft Scilla DKFTCH Brookmoor Black Brando
NORDJCH Classical Garbi

Sea-Croft Cheetah "Aska"
Regnr: SE19165/2011, born: 2011-01-28

Aska has recovered entirely from her injury. We started a little late with the training 2014, but Aska has nevertheless managed to secure two Excellent in Open Cold Game tests.

Hips - A, Elbows - 0/0, Eyes - Clear December 2018, OptiGen prcd-PRA - Normal/Clear, CNM - Heriditary Free, SD2 - Free.

Best result, cold-game test: 2 x Excellent, Intermediate.




Sea-Croft Aska
FTCH Levenghyl
Isle of Arran
FTCH Hamford
Zealot of Highsea's
FTCH Pocklea Remus
Hamford Jay
FTCH Glenpatrick Eve INTFTCH Garendon Captain
FTCH Glenpatrick Halo
SJ(j)CH FTW Sea-Croft Enya NORDJCH Tasco Brimstone GBFTCH Lettermore Trout
GBFTCH Stormwatch Spider Of Tasco
SJ(A)CH SJCH INTFTCH Sea-Croft Scilla DKFTCH Brookmoor Black Brando
NORDJCH Classical Garbi

Sea-Croft Ladybird "Lady"
Regnr: SE32891/2015 Born: 2015-04-19

Hips - A, Elbows - 0/0, Eyes - ____, OptiGen prcd-PRA - Hereditary Free, CNM - Heriditary Free, SD2 - Heriditary Free.

Best result, cold-game test: Best result, cold-game test: 2 x Excellent Intermediate. Field Trial: Qualified to run.




Sea-Croft Lady
DKFTCH MKM 2014 Ellijas Dudley FTCH
Kenmillto Remus
FTCH Auchendolly Beaver
Mandacre Waxwing
Hillus Widgeon FTCH Craighorn Oak
FTCH Broadlaw Eva
Sea-Croft Cheetah FTCH Levenghyl Isle Of Aaran FTCH Hamford Zealot Of Highsea's
FTCH Glenpatrick Eve
SJ(j)CH FTW Sea-Croft Enya DKFTCH Brookmoor Black Brando
NORDJCH Classical Garbi

Sea-Croft Nice N Easy "Easy"
Regnr: SE13199/2016 Born: 2015-12-13

Hips - __, Elbows - _/_, Eyes - _, OptiGen prcd-PRA - Hereditary Free, CNM - Heriditary Free.

Best result, cold-game test: ______________.




Blackthorn Bion
GBFTCH Endacott Shelf GBFTCH Glenbriar Solo
GBFTW Endacott Spindle
INTFTCH Chance of Dukefield GBFTCH Willowyck Jack Snipe
Zed's Fly Vom Tennikerweidli
SJ(j)CH Sea-Croft May It Be
FTW Couthally Rhum of Harperrig FTW Harperrig Nevis
Tintoview Dixie of Couthally
SJ(j)CH FTW Sea-Croft Enya NORDJCH Tasco Brimstone
SJ(a)Ch IntFTCh SJCH Sea-Croft Scilla


Jaquart "Zack"
Regnr: S16431/2006, born: 2005-12-31

Zack, now a reasonably mature man, continues to show an attitude worthy of a much younger dog. He has kept his style apparently inspired by Abebe Bikila (twice Marathon winner - barefoot). Zack typically starts off at a reasonably high tempo and then slowly increases his pace. This season (2014) was great, and Zack presented lots of birds in the most efficient manner. Lots of fun!

Hips and elbows - Have no idea, but they seem OK from the way he has been moving for the past nine years.

J Västanåns Limon J Västanåns Lecco SUCH Laredo del Vento
J Caramba
J Caramba SE JCH SE UCH Öb's Caro
J Farah-Prima
Black Luckys F Axa
J SE JCH SE UCH Black Luckys Plus Whitefield Vico
SE JCH SE UCH Black Luckys Ina Scot
NORD V-99 SE UCH Black Luckys Fly INTJCH SJCH SUCH Öb's Try
J Black Luckys Lady Be Good

Labrador retriever

Amie (1971 - 1985)
Birgittas first dog.



NordJCh Classical Garbi – ”Tosca” (1991 – 2002)
e. Rambo of Downfarm – u. SJCh Classical Twilight

Birgitta’s first Labrador out of field trial lines. Tosca has given us so much fun and will always have special place in our memories. Tosca was tremendously easy to handle and a most efficient gamefinder. A super dog for experiencing how it is to own and handle a really good retriever. Included in her merits are a CACIT and Swedish Retriever champion 1995.



Classical Garbi

SJ(a)Ch INT.F.T.Ch SJCh Sea-Croft Scilla ”Scilla”
(21 Oct 1997 - 31 Oct 2006)

Good Hips, Elbows 0/0, Eye pass Jan 2005, Optigen-test: A

Sea-Croft Scilla passed away far too early, and it is a great loss to us. She possessed "that little extra" that offers a higher dimension to the collaboration at shoots and trials. Scilla had a great balance between steadiness and work, and she had a very distinct “on/off-button”. Her concentration, great gamefinding ability and will to please made her work completely reliable. A wonderful dog in all that she did. Scilla has won several awards in Field Trials in Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and Sweden. She has won 7 Field Trials with CACT (cert), of which 3 were International Field Trials with CACIT, and she also achieved a 5th place in the Coupe d’Europe in 2003. Scilla has also performed well in Field Trials in England.

Sea-Croft Gypsy ”Jazza”
19 april 1999 - 8 mars 2011)

Good Hips, Elbows 0/0, Eyes clear Nov 2002, OptiGentest - B

Jazza was one of those dogs who you always brought along on the shoot. She was perhaps not the brilliant star in trials and tests, but her capacity to retrieve in shoots was astonishing. Her gentle and happy nature made her the perfect dog for youngest son, William, to take his first steps on how to handle a retriever. Jazza suddenly left us one of those mornings when everything that could happen happened. Almost unnoticed, as if she decided that worries were enough for the family, and thought it just as good to quietly move on to higher grounds. She is greatly missed.

Click for larger picture.
William on Jazza.
Sea-Croft Tide ”Tide”
21 Jul 2008 - )

Hips - A, Elbows 0/0, Eyes clear Feb 2011, OptiGentest - Hereditary Free, CNM - Clear, SD2 - Carrier

Tide does not live with us any more but thrives with her new owner who certainly enjoys her reliability as a retriever.

SJ(j)Ch Sea-Croft Mistletoe ”Mistel”
24 Mar 2005 - 22 June 2016)

Good Hips, Elbows 0/0, Eyes clear Oct 2010, OptiGentest - Normal/Clear, CNM - Clear, SD2 - Free

Mistel left us this summer. Her wonderful and personal style, together with her reliability as a retriever, makes her a greatly missed companion in the pack.


Foto E Hartmann, 2008

SJ(j)CH GBFTW Sea-Croft Enya ”Enya”
12 May 2004 - 8 June 2017)

Good Hips, Elbows 0/0, Eyes clear Oct 2010, Heriditary free PRA, CNM - Clear.

Enya left us this summer. We had the pleasure of Enya's company during a long retriever life, with lots and lots of great memories. You would have to search a long time for a more reliable retriever and shooting companion. Equally to being very efficient on the shoot, she was just as calm and agreeable when relaxing at home. We miss her so.



Flat Coated retriever

Alida (1981 - 1988)
Birgitta’s first Flatcoat. Alida was a demanding bitch and this, in combination with Birgitta being new to gundog working tests and trials, offered a lot of training for both Birgitta and Alida. Hard work eventually resulted in two Excellent awards in Intermediate cold-game tests

SUCh SLCh Signe Tillish – ”Jaffa” (1986 - 1994)
Alida’s daughter. Jaffa had a wonderful personality, with an original sense of humour. Experienced many different activities together with Birgitta. Unfortunately, Jaffa was not always quiet when waiting for her turn, but in Intermediate cold-game tests two Excellent were finally achieved.


Black Luckys Divine – ”Diva” (1993 - 2005)
Folke’s first pointer. She introduced us for real into shooting over pointing dogs. With support and advice from her breeder Kent Svensson, Kennel Black Luckys, she became a good pointer and she has given us so many memorable days of shooting throughout Sweden. In trials, her best result is an excellent in a Novice stake.

Black Luckys Fly – ”Fly” (1996 - 2008)
Fly was indeed a first-class English Pointer. Her stylish way of working, together with her extensive experience from shooting made it a true pleasure to have her as a shooting companion both in the mountaines up north as well as on the plain in the south. She did tremendously well on Field Trials and many of her merits still live vividly in our memories. We miss her a lot.

Black Luckys F Wass 'Flinga' – ”Flinga” (2002 - 2012)
Flinga was a really enjoyable little English pointerbitch and such a reliable shooting partner. Her style was always very light, swift and effective also as she approached the more respectable ages. The grief was great when she had to leave us after suddenly turning ill.

Wirehaired Dachshound

SJ(d)Ch Studsa – ”Iris” (1993 - 2008)
Iris was an unusually sympathetic little Wirehaired Dachshound bitch, that performed very well in her work as well as in being an amiable company at home. Iris second half of her life was enjoyed as a retired hunting dog, and her exquisite and special sense of humour will always be remembered.

German Wirehaired Pointer

SLCh Towas Tarras – ”Tarras” (1986-?)
Folke’s first dog, that was used for a number of different activities such as pointing birddog, retriever, obedience competition and rescue dog.