Litters or adult dogs

Sea-Croft Cheetah (Aska) - delivered 8 puppies (6 dogs, 2 bitches) on 8 april 2018. They are sired by FTCh Cynhinfa John (Bruce). All puppies are reserved.

Puppies are health certified by a veterinary surgeon, vaccinated, ID-chipped and registered with the SKC. Discretionary rights preserved.

Please contact Birgitta on +46 70 2882183 for more information.



Soon in their new home.
Soon moving out to their new homes.
Bruce Aska
FTCh Cynhinfa John "Bruce" Sea-Croft Cheetah "Aska"


Field Trials/A-prov: FTCh

Hips - 3/3
Elbows - 0/0

Eyes - Clear
Optigen prcd-PRA - Normal/Clear


Cold game test: 2 x Excellent, intermediate

Hips - A
Elbows - 0/0
Eyes - Clear Dec 2017
Optigen prcd-PRA - Normal/Clear
CNM - Hereditary free
SD2 - Free

For further information, please contact Birgitta on +46 70-2282183.

Cynhinfa John

Mediterian Blue

Endacott Shelf
FTCH Glenbriar Solo
FTW Endacott Spindle
Drakeshead Evie
FTCh Millbuies Magnum of Drakeshead
Rigangower Amy of Drakeshead
Castlewood Razorbill of Cynhinfa

Craighorn Bracken

FTCh Aughacasla Sam of Drakeshead
FTCh Lochmuir Bonnie
Sharpview Scourie FTCh Baildonian Baron of Craighorn

Squareclose Eider

Sea-Croft Cheetah

Levenghyl Isle of Aaran

FTCH Hamford Zealot of Highsea's

FTCH Pocklea Remus

Hamford Jay

FTCH Glenpatrick Eve

INTFTCH Garendon Captain

FTCH Glenpatrick Halo

Sea-Croft Enya
Tasco Brimstone
GBFTCH Lettermore Trout
GBFTCH Stormwatch Spider Of Tasco
Sea-Croft Scilla
DKFTCH Brookmoor Black Brando
NORDJCH Classical Garbi



Labrador Retriever

NordJCh, SJCh Classical Garbi  

  • 1995 Nord JCh, SJCh Middlegate Tinker Litter bred by Kennel Classical
  • 1997 Dk FTCh Brookmoor Black Brando
  • 1999 Dk FTCh Millbuis Maverick

SJ(a)Ch INT.F.T.Ch, SJCh Sea-Croft Scilla  

  • 2002 GB.F.T.Ch Trooper Tam of Lochmuir
  • 2004 GB.F.T.W, SJCh Tasco Brimstone
  • 2005 F.T.Ch Tweedshot Kite

Sea-Croft Gypsy

  • 2003 NJCh SJCh Streamlights Brave Opal

Sea-Croft Enya

  • 2008 Brindlebay Bounty
  • 2010 FTW Couthally Rhum of Harperrig
  • 2011 F.T.Ch. Llevenghyl Isle of Aaran

Sea-Croft Mistletoe "Mistel"

Previous litters
  • 2009 Starkreek Efinegan
  • 2010 NORD JCh Searover Kits Duke
  • 2012 Greenbriar Texas

Sea-Croft Elda "Elda"

Previou litters
  • 2009 Harperrig Tweed

Sea-Croft Tide "Tide"

Previou litters
  • 2012 SJ(j)CH Moorman's Nightmare "Nzo"

Sea-Croft May It Be "Nova"

Previou litters
  • 2013 SJ(j)CH Moormans Nightmare "Nzo"
  • 2014 Broadlaw Warren "Warren"
  • 2015 Blackthorn Bion "Laslo"

Searover Day Mackay "Lycka"

Previou litters
  • 2013 Justlike Chinook "Rey"

Searover Cheetah "Aska"

Previou litters
  • 2015 DKFTCH GBFTW Ellijas Dudley "Barney"
  • 2017 Kelmagra Cruise "Harvey"


SUCh Black Luckys Fly

  • 1999 NJCh Black Luckys Tramp
  • 2001 IntJCh, NJCh, SJCh Vestfjorddalens Black Luck
  • 2003 SUCh Black Luckys Plus - Litter bred by Kennel Black Luckys