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   We will be back with a few comments on the tests that have run in which Sea-Croft dogs have successfully taken part.

   On October 7 I ran FTW SJ(j)CH Sea-Croft Enya in a Field Trial near Bognaes/Roskilde/Denmar that was organised by the Danish Retrieverclub. It was a very well arranged trial, that was performed as a walk-up both in forest and open grounds. Judges were Anders Carlsson (Sweden) and Erling Skotner (Norway), and they judged all 21 participants very well during the entire day.
   Enya made a really good trial, and at the end of the day we had been lucky enough to win, with a CACIT and a Danish Certificate. Four other dogs were awarded an Excellent, among wich were Birspool Blackbill of Lakedown handled by Birgitta Staflund-Wiberg.

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We had the pleasure of entering a Swedish team at the 2008 International Working Test (IWT) in Seefeld, Austria. It was a very well organised competition, with plenty of challenges for the dogs and their handlers. Judging were Mr John Drury, Mr Jim Gale, Mr Phil Parkins, Mr Keith Bedford och Mr Phil Allen - all from GB.
The team was composed by Birgitta with Sea-Croft Enya, Fredrik Lindström with Justlike Prince Edward and Tomas Söderström with Hillus Drake.
We eventually ended up on an honourable 7th place, out of a total of 33 running teams. For more information and results of other teams, please visit Ö.R.C.'s homepage (link below).

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This years trip to England aimed at running Sea-Croft Enya in a Novice Stake. We got our chance in a trial organised by the Tyne Tees & Tweed FTA at the Beaufort Estate in the North of Hexham. Judges were Mr W Ferguson, Mrs A Usher, Mr P Wood and Mr S Hore.
The wheather was nice and warm in spite of the wind. It was a walked-up shoot and the vegetation was very high grass and fern, making it hard for the dogs to mark the falls. In addition, the dogs had to pass numerous stone walls on their retreives.
The trial started at eight a.m. and finished at three p.m., and by that time the judges had two dogs left in the line. Their final award of Enya as the winner was extremely pleasant for a Swede whose dream finally came true.
Now Enya will come into season and the efforts will be put on the planned litter, sired by Hillus Drake.

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In order to realise a dream and to get a possibility to train under the best of circumstances, I and my sister Ing-Marie went with our dogs to Scotland.
During an intense week, we had the pleasure of training our dogs and shooting rabbits under the superveillance of Billy Steel Jr.
Our hostess in Scotland was Mrs Anette Usher and she made us company in our adventures. In the beautiful scenic Scottish heights, and in very warm summer temperatures, challenging retrieves were presented during training and rabbit shooting.
Distances were sometimes breathtaking from a Swedish perspective, not to mention all the fences that the dogs had to pass, but the dogs demonstrated the qualities that made the exercises result in exactly the training effect we had hoped for.
Handlers as well as dogs added a large number of valuable experiences to their baggage that are of the kind you can only achieve if you are in the proper environment.
A trip well worth its time and trouble.

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On April 22-23, Kennel Sea-Croft organised a training seminar with Mark and Jamie Bettinson from Wales.

During the two days, Mark and Jamie kept the pot boiling and all participants had their chance to listen, watch, think and train. Mark and Jamie had answers to all questions that were thrown at them, and the advice they gave clearly made the dogs and trainers manage their tasks better and better as time went by.

It was a great pleasure to watch the enthusiasm and attention shown by all participants. We would like to extend our warmest regards and gratitude for your engagement and hope to see you again at a similar event in the future.

We would also like to express our greatfulness to those who acted as assistants. Without you, this adventure would not have been possible.

Birgitta and Folke

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